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Client Forms & Paperwork

If you’re new to Body Philosophy, please plan on arriving to your first appointment 10-15 minutes early to complete some introductory paperwork. New clients will be asked to complete a Health History Form before their first massage, organic facial, and waxing treatments.


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 Arrival Times

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time to ensure a leisurely opportunity to sit and relax for a moment, use the restroom, and quiet your mind and body.


Cancellation Policy

Life happens!

If you can't make it to your appointment, please phone or text with a minimum of six hours notice whenever possible. Appointments made online can also be canceled by the client electronically with six or more hours notice.


No Shows & Missed Appointments

No-call/no-show appointments or chronic short notice cancellation situations may require the client to post a non-refundable down-payment of 50-100% of the cost of the service on future bookings on a case-by-case basis.



Cash, all major credit cards, Komorebi & Co. gift cards and e-gift cards are all accepted.
Body Philosophy e-gift cards are coming soon!

 What to Expect.

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Catered to your comfort.



When we say that, it’s exactly what we mean. To enjoy the full benefits of a full-body massage, many clients undress completely for their service. However, we encourage you to disrobe to the level that will help you achieve the most comfort and relaxation during your time with us. You will always be draped to preserve your modesty.


Draping is the professional method used by massage therapists and estheticians of covering all parts of the body not currently being worked on. Not only does it help to keep the body warm during your service, but the experience is meant to help you feel safe and relaxed in our space: aware that your modesty and individual comfort are always at the forefront of our minds.


Some people really love to talk during their service: some don’t. As your massage therapist, my intention is to create an environment that’s relaxing and enjoyable. I love to catch up and hear what’s going on in your life, but don’t feel pressured to talk if you don’t want to. To some, silence allows them to sink deeper into relaxation and more fully enjoy their experience.

After Your Appointment

Rise from the table slowly, and take it easy on yourself. The transition from utter relaxation to the pace of the outside world is best met with care. I always recommend drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated after your service and encourage you to avoid working or strenuous activity afterwards if the option is available.



Not sure how to get to the studio? Visit our New Studio page for a map and directions on where to park.

Ready to schedule your experience?

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