The Essential Swedish Massage

Experience the immediate and long-term results of a Swedish-style massage. Perfectly executed and adapted to your needs and your body, this massage can range from a soothing touch to firmer therapeutic pressure as your body dictates.

*40 Minutes - $50 | 70 Minutes - $75 | 100 Minutes - $105

*40 minute services are not recommended for those seeking full-body massage.



Synergy Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy can warm muscles, tendons, and ligaments to help your therapist ease into your trigger points and assist with healing. During this service you will experience the use of heated natural basalt stones as well as hand-crafted massage stones from the Synergy Stone Company on the large muscle groups on the backside of the body as well as the neck and shoulders. While you relax, this technique assists in stimulating the immune system, calming the nervous system, and facilitating a decrease in overall stress. Hot towels will help you to feel continually enveloped in warmth throughout your massage.

70 Minutes - $85 | 100 Minutes - $115



Pregnancy Bliss Massage

Treat yourself to a nurturing Swedish-style massage designed to meet the needs of the expectant mother in her second or third trimester. A prenatal body support cushion system is used to ensure a comfortable and luxurious experience. The massage can also be performed while the client is side-laying, using the support of comfy body pillows.

70 Minutes - $75



Balance and Harmony

Combined Massage & Organic Skincare Treatment

Designed to improve the health and beauty of the skin using, natural, and organic ingredients while also de-stressing and restoring the body with massage. This service is perfect for someone who wants the best of both worlds. Enjoy the synergy of a 50-minute organic facial service and a 50-minute Swedish Massage for a total of 100-minutes of relaxing balance and bliss.

100 Minutes - $115


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